Talk Details & Outlines

Before booking a speaker, you'll want to know what kind of material will be covered! Overviews and outlines for various talks are included below. Further details and sample material are available upon request.

No More Stage-Fright: Developing Relaxed Confidence in Speaking

Everyone gets the pre-show jitters: performers, athletes, and speakers, from rank beginners to world class pros. And for public speakers, out-of-control nerves can hugely diminish the impact of our talks. But there are solutions! In this enlightening session, Iain introduces listeners to the science of optimal arousal levels, along with tools from sports/performance psychology and techniques to help you get in the zone, under pressure, every time.

  • Stage-Fright: What it is, what it means for speakers, and why it really matters
  • Understanding it as "Elevated Arousal": It's supposed to happen!
  • Performance psychology: Achieving Optimal Levels of Arousal
  • The Drill to Performance Spectrum: 7 types of practising and rehearsing
  • The Work 1 - Ongoing: Ways to practise and train for relaxed confidence
  • The Work 2 - Leading Up: Practising and rehearsing for a specific performance
  • The Work 3 - Showtime: Pre-performance and in-performance techniques
  • Conclusion: Long term development as a confident and relaxed performer
Download the detailed outline as pdf here.

More talk outlines are coming soon...