The Capital City Circus

Victoria and Vancouver Island's premier stage show for industry and gala events

Iain Duncan has teamed up Sarah Scheunhage, of The Rising Circus Centre, to produce The Capital City Circus gala stage show. With arial acrobatics, juggling, and vaudeville feats of daring and dexterity, this show amazes audiences at events of all kinds: festivals, gala fundraisers, conventions, and more! Joined by Matt Henry and Jonathan Scott, the team have all been performing corporate events, festivals, and cruise ships for over 20 years. Custom material from your organization can even be incorporated for that extra touch. The Capital City Circus acts include:

  • Arial Silk Acrobatics
  • Arial or Freestanding Hoop Acrobatics
  • Hi-Tech Choreographed L.E.D. Juggling
  • Virtuoso Classic Juggling
  • Diabolo and Cigar Box Manipulation
  • The Seven Spinning China Bows
  • Comedy Piano & Piano Stunts
  • A Straight Jacket Escape... on a rola-bola!

The show can use from 2 to 6 performers, and run in length from 10 minutes to an hour. It can cover a large stage, or fit in small venues and set-up quickly: perfect for industry events in hotels and convention centers. The Capital City Circus provides all rigging and technical needs, including a freestanding arial rig for venues without rigging points, and optionally sound and stage equipment and personnel. For a truly gala affair, the choreographed acts can even be accompanied by a live band, with the band available for additional performances before or afterwards. The Capital City Circus is based out of the The Rising Circus Centre in Victoria, BC, and is available for travel throughout Canada.